Bone Quiz 3

I just finished marking 200 student midterms with my fellow teaching assistants. This sort of grading maelstrom always hits your mental faculties like a tsunami, leaving behind an ineffable mixture of sorrow, concern, fatigue, incomprehension and despair in its wake. Or, to sum it up visually, it makes you feel like this:

The only good thing about grading is that I got to eat five pieces of pizza in about two hours.

The only good thing about grading is that it is one of the few social situations in which it is considered acceptable for me to eat half a pizza in one sitting.

So that you may all share my sorrow, I’ve decided to present you with a particularly nasty pop bone quiz. You only get one view. In the comments, tell me:

1. The bone;

2. The estimated age of the individual;

3. (BBB for K-ville grads) The side the bone is from.

Image Credits: Sorrowful otter found here. All other photos were taken at the Museo de Jaén, Summer 2013, and are used with the museum’s permission.


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