Bone Quiz 5

We’re going to start this semester off slowly. I’m giving an easy quiz this time around, in the hope that it gives everyone a head start to their new year. Get it? A “head” start?

I can’t give any more hints, or this is just too ridiculous. The bones below represent the remains of the same refitted element from multiple different individuals. They’re all oriented in the same plane, and I’ve given you some “This end up” guidelines in the figure below. I’ve also included a larger image and a different perspective after the quiz questions, in case you need a better look at some of the features.
What I want from you:

1. Name of bone:

2. What feature do 1 and 3 share that helps you identify this bone?

3. What feature do 2-5 share?

4. What  feature can only be seen on numbers 2 and 4?

5. What distinctive feature of this element can only be seen on number 5?

6. Is number 1 adult or subadult? How can you tell?


Slightly different view:


Good luck!

Image Credits: All photos taken at the Museo de Jaén, Summer 2013, and used with the museum’s permission.


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