Bone Quiz 6

I’m currently working on an article that evaluates some of the broad-scale changes in health that have been associated with the increased dependency on farming over the course of human history*. While I am excited about the paper and its results, I have the sneaking suspicion that this optimism is entirely based on the fact that it has yet to be submitted or to receive reviewer feedback. As always,  the peer-review process will likely cause me to re-evaluate the relative strength of my approach.

However, in the spirit of being completely and utterly focused on finishing my edits and submitting this paper (read: sitting on my couch hunched over my lap-top for the entirety of spring break), I am treating you all to a paleopathology-themed bone quiz. I am sure you will find it so exciting that you’ll be able to forget that you’re not going to Miami, or Puerto Rico, or anywhere else warm this week. And if you are going to Miami, Puerto Rico, or anywhere else warm, I don’t want to hear about it.

Mystery Bone: What's missing from this picture?

Mystery Bone: What’s missing from this picture?  (Superior view, anterior is to the front)

What I want from you:

1. Human/Non-human;

2. Bone;

3. Side;

4. Categorical Age (to the best of your ability);

5. What is going on with this bone, (pathology, trauma,results of alien abduction, etc.,)  and how might  you relate it to agriculture?

External/Lateral View

External/Lateral View

Internal View (Anyone know the appropriate SAP perspective for this?) I do not.

Internal View (Anyone know the appropriate SAP perspective for this?) I do not.

* Don’t worry. I’m not claiming to re-write Cohen and Armelagos 1984. Despite your well-founded misgivings, the paper title is not, in fact “Agriculture: Evidence Suggests it was a Pretty Big Deal”.

Image Credits: All photos were taken at the Museo de Jaén in Summer 2013, and are used with the permission of the Museum.


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9 Responses to Bone Quiz 6

  1. I’d be very interested in reading the paper, let me know when it’s been accepted! Good luck!


  2. Hi Jess-Where are you posting the answers to the quizzes?


  3. JB says:

    Hey Dolly, They’re up now! I figured posting them upside down was the best way to go…


  4. bonediggerjess says:

    Left side
    mid to old adult?
    Evidence of AMTL and bone resorption in the alveolar sockets; Oral pathology= dental caries due to the intake of more sugary foods and carbohydrates.


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