Bone Quiz 8

Con of dissertation data collection: I have little time or energy to write extensive posts as my post-museum diet is fueled largely by Coke Zero and María cookies.

Pro of dissertation data collection: I come across unique osteological specimens on a near-daily basis. For example, I saw this one of my first days back in the museum.

To answer the quiz, identify:

1. The bone;

2. What portion of the bone immediately strikes you as abnormal;

3. The process responsible for its appearance.

Don’t be disheartened if you can’t answer all three questions immediately. I had to do a little internet sleuthing before I figured out what was going on here.

Posterior View

Posterior View

Anterior View

Anterior ViewLateral View (Left)Lateral View (L)

Lateral View (R)

Lateral View (R)

And a close-up of the anterior view…

Close-up, anterior view

Image Credits: All photos were taken at the Museo de Jaén in summer 2014, and are used with the permission of the museum. Answers after the jump below.








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