Bone Quiz 9

Plaza Mayor

I just spent the past few days in Madrid. As happy as I am in Jaén, I love visiting the capital after immersing myself in data collection for weeks at a time. Madrid is much larger and edgier than my small, sleepy Andalucian city, and it is a phenomenal place to people watch. Wandering through the streets, you find yourself surrounded by tattooed youths, men carrying pet rabbits on their shoulders, portly Spiderman impersonators, street merchants hawking their wares, and endless hordes of tourists, most of whom appear to be under the sartorial impression that they are embarking upon a mountaineering expedition in the Himalayas rather than exploring a picturesque European capital. There’s also a popular restaurant chain that is named, I kid you not, “100 Sandwiches“. Spain is a fantastic country.

I caught a train back into town late last night, but in the spirit of extending the brief feeling of vacaciones, I’m treating you all to a very simple bone quiz. All I want  is the following:

1. What is unusual about the appearance of the thoracic vertebral body below? (So that you don’t get side-tracked, I’ll point out that the neural arch is missing due to taphonomic damage);

2. What is this phenomenon called, and is it pathological?


Superior view


Posterior view

To encourage more ‘audience participation’, I’ll wait a few days to post the answer to this particular bone quiz. Answers below the jump:

Slide9Image Credits: All osteological photos were taken at the Museo de Jaén in summer 2014.

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