Bone Quiz 10

Andalucía is known for many things: its abundant tapas, its undulating hills blanketed in olive groves, and its inhabitants impassioned tendency to “comer sus palabras” or “eat their words” by condensing the Spanish language in strange and beautiful ways, particularly by lisping the letter z and dropping the letter s.  However, in the summers the region is also known for its intense and unbearable heat. There’s actually a town called Ecija, in the province of Seville, that is known as la sartén or the “frying pan” of Spain. Ecija, worrisomely, is only about 150km from Jaén.

la campesina, the rolling hills of olive fields that characterize this part of Andalucía
Despite the Andalusian propensity for furnace-like heat, June has been quite mild thus far. This week in particular has been beautiful, with highs in the 26-29˚C range every day. In celebration of the unseasonably cool weather we’ve been having, I present you with this week’s bone relatively easy, feature-based bone quiz. This bone is one that I came across in the course of some recent dissertation analysis. It was fragmented into several pieces, but refit perfectly.

To participate, you need to identify:

1. Human/Non-Human;

2. Element;

3. Features identified on the anterior and posterior portion of a fragment that should have allowed you to easily identify the element.

Anterior View

Anterior View

Posterior View

Feature Identification

 June will be the “month of bone quizzes” here at Bone Broke since I have been putting in lots of extra time at the museum to make up for an exciting trip I will be taking in early July. So, if you want to keep your osteological skills honed while you’re in the field , or if you want to learn about osteology instead of being at the beach, this is the month for you!


Answers after the jump.


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2 Responses to Bone Quiz 10

  1. Anne Beyens says:

    Mental Foramen
    Mental Spines

    (Hi Jess!! Hope all is well!)


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