Bone Quiz 15.2


Vulture's Spot the Difference for The Hunger Games

To make sure your minds are sharp and your osteological skills are honed for the week ahead, I’m generously starting you off with a bone quiz. However, since it’s only Monday, I’ll be gentle and start you off easy (I’m basically the bioarchaeological equivalent of one of these, right down to the terrible puns). This quiz is less of an infuriating puzzle and more of a relaxed  ‘spot the difference’ game, Highlights style. In particular, I’m interested in how many of the dental abnormalities you can identify for an individual that you’re already familiar with if you follow the bone quizzes on this blog.

Male vs. Female Skulls

If you took Bone Quiz 15.1, you likely feel more inclined to associate the individual in question with Figure A rather than Figure B in the drawing above, given the extremely robust features demonstrated by the skull. However, in addition to providing a clear demonstration of typically masculine cranial and mandibular morphology, this individual is notable for demonstrating a number of dental abnormalities, to the extent that I was quite surprised during my examination of the skull. So in order to succeed at this bone quiz, all you have to do is:

1) Enumerate all the dental abnormalities associated with this skull;

2) Explain which of these dental abnormalities you think is the rarest. Here you can draw from your anecdotal experience as a bioarchaeologist, or your in-depth knowledge of osteological literature – your choice.

As a hint, there were FIVE things that I found abnormal or pathological about the dentition associated with this skull. Notice that I  do not only use the term ‘pathologies’, though some of these observations may be pathological. I’m curious as to how many of you come up with a similar tally!

Right lateral view of the skull and mandible 

Craneo 2/167

Maxilla – anterior view

Maxilla - Anterior View

Maxilla – anterior view (close-up) 

Maxilla - Anterior View (Close-Up)

Maxilla – inferior view (RuI1 removed)

Maxilla - Inferior View

 Maxilla – inferior view (close-up, RuI1 removed)

Maxilla - Inferior View (Close-Up)

Image Credits:”Spot the difference” figure is from Vulture, here. Second figure comparing typical male and female skulls was taken from, here. All other photos were taken at the Museo de Jaén in summer 2014.

Answers below the jump.







Answers - Bone Quiz 15.2

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