Test Your Skills: Identifying Features and Siding the Parietals

Last week, I posted a guide to identifying and siding the parietal bones. If you read that post and learned some new techniques, or if you simply want to test your existing cranial fragment identification skills, then have I got a bone quiz for you. I’ll do away with the typical first few quiz questions as you already know that these are human bones, and by using context clues you should be able to gauge what element is shown in these photos (If you’re confused, go have some coffee and come back to this).

However, since I’m generously giving you the first few answers right off the bat, you’ll need to identify approximately ONE MILLION* features in order to pass this particular test of skill. Good luck!

*By “ONE MILLION” I mean eleven.

Figure A

1. Identify the feature magnified in the red box.

2. Identify indicated feature.

3. Side the element shown in Figure A (and explain how you did so).

Figure AFigure B

4. Identify indicated feature.

5. Identify circled feature.

6.  Identify feature covered by red circle (most of feature occurs in top 2/3 of circle).

Figure B

Figure C

7. Identify indicated feature.

8. Identify indicated feature.

9. Identify indicated feature.

10. Side the element shown in Figure C (and explain how you did so).

Figure C
Figure D

11. This is a “Bonus Bone for the Brave”. The red arrow in Figure D points to a portion of another bone that is articulated with the parietal. What bone is indicated by the red arrow (and what portion or region of that bone do you think is being indicated)?

Figure D

Image Credits: All parietal photos were taken at the Museo de Jaén, summer 2014.

Answers below the jump.


Answers - Test Your Skills: Parietals

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5 Responses to Test Your Skills: Identifying Features and Siding the Parietals

  1. Blair Nolan says:

    I’m an archaeology student taking a course in human osteology, and I have a quiz coming up in a bit that might have some parietal bone on it so thought I might take a stab at this. Tried to do it from my memory so we’ll see how that went.

    Figure A
    1. Meningeal Grooves
    2. Mastoid Angle
    3. Right Parietal (the meningeal grooves run posteriorly and are endocranial)

    Figure B
    4. Lambdoid Suture
    5. Some sort of a supernumerary bone? Haha, I can’t remember the term.
    6. Parietal Eminence

    Figure C
    7. Parietal Foramen
    8. Sigmoid Sulcus
    9. Coronal Suture
    10. Left Parietal (Endocranial view, the grooves run posteriorly, the sigmoid sulcus is posterior in on the parietal)

    11. I’m not sure.


  2. JB says:

    Hi Blair,
    So far you’re killing it. My one caveat concerns your response to 7, since this is an endocranial view, and the foramina should only be visible ectocranially. Number 11 is tough – answers will go up soon. Good luck on your quiz!


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  4. Froggy says:

    7. Paccionian depression
    11. Frontal, superior orbit


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