Bone Quiz 20

Michigan UnionYesterday marked the first day of the semester at Michigan. As an older graduate student, the “official” start to the school year sneaks up on you with vicious alacrity. One minute you’re placidly analyzing your data and writing conference abstracts in the muggy, languid calm of late August and then WHAM – in a split second the town is overflowing with students convening impromptu dance parties on sagging porches, blasting music from flag-bedecked balconies, and strolling unhurriedly across high traffic streets, solo cups in hand.*

Pobre gato

Trying to get anything done in Ann Arbor during the first week of the semester.

However, in the true spirit of the back-to-school season, I’ve decided it’s time to kick this year off in a slightly more academic fashion – with a bone quiz! And, because I am now old and cantankerous, it’s going to be a hard one. I want you to identify:

1. Human/non-human;
2. Adult/non-adult;
3. Element;
4. Side;
5. Region of bone (bonus points for both names);
6. Feature visible on bone.

You have three views, a 5cm scale, and an entire comments section in which to formulate hypotheses and discuss your suspicions. Good luck, and may your start of the school year be more restful than mine! Answers will be up one week from today.

Superior View
Superior View

Anterior View
Anterior View
Posterior View
Posterior View

*Incidentally, Michigan’s first football game hit before the semester officially started.

Image Credits: Michigan Union photo found here. Exasperated cat gif found here. All other photos taken at the Museo de Jaén.



Bone Quiz 20 Answers

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5 Responses to Bone Quiz 20

  1. Roberto Cighetti says:

    I try:

    it’s the odontoid process (dens) of C2 vertebra (Axis or Epistropheus) of a human adult (no unfused regions visible). In frontal view, the articular facet for C1 (Atlas) is visible, In posterior view, a groove for ligaments. No side can be indicated for this element, since it lays on the sagittal plane.

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  2. lclement4 says:

    I agree with Roberto. This has very distinctive identifying features. Way to go, Roberto!


  3. StoneCat says:

    I identify very strongly with that cat gif this time of year. I’ll give a go at the quiz as a geologist -that’s definitely some sand you got there.


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