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Bone Quiz 19

The past two weeks have been full of typical graduate school shenanigans, including: responding to negative feedback with a calm and professional demeanour; attempting to collect signatures from faculty without scheduling an appointment; critically unpacking my dental MNI calculation methods with my colleagues; and agreeing … Continue reading

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Bone Quiz 18

It is only Monday and I’m already having one of those weeks where making any progress is a Sisyphean slog – none of my data meet test assumptions, I can’t figure out how to do my taxes, and I’ve thrown in the … Continue reading

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Bone Quiz 17

As winter insidiously unfurls its carpet of waist-deep snow in Astana, the city greets the season by rolling out a vast array of holiday decorations. Lamp posts are adorned with wire-framed silhouettes of candles and ribbons, massive fake fir trees are erected … Continue reading

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Bone Quiz 16

One of the reasons I was initially attracted to the discipline of archaeology is that it is a field that requires a great deal of cleverness. By cleverness I don’t mean wit or conversational prowess – take Lewis Binford, arguably one of the … Continue reading

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Test Your Skills: Identifying Features and Siding the Parietals

Last week, I posted a guide to identifying and siding the parietal bones. If you read that post and learned some new techniques, or if you simply want to test your existing cranial fragment identification skills, then have I got a bone quiz for … Continue reading

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Bone Quiz 15.2

  To make sure your minds are sharp and your osteological skills are honed for the week ahead, I’m generously starting you off with a bone quiz. However, since it’s only Monday, I’ll be gentle and start you off easy (I’m … Continue reading

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Bone Quiz 15.1

What’s that, you say? An intriguing package wreathed in bubble-wrap? Maybe it’s something exciting, like a scale that can weigh more than 2 kilos at a sitting, or a bowling ball, or a cactus to brighten up my desk, or … Continue reading

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