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[Explanatory Note: I’m going to be doing a lot of travelling in the next six months, and  I’ll occasionally post a travel essay that has nothing to do with osteology or bioarchaeology. These will be tagged under a new “Travel … Continue reading

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A Travel Agency for Osteologists…

This past week I was in Skopje for a friend’s wedding. While exploring the city center (by which I mean searching out and sampling as much banichka as I could get my hands on during my limited time in the … Continue reading

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Bone Quiz 11

I went to Córdoba last weekend, to meet up with an old friend from fieldwork in Portugal, and, as  it turned out, to unintentionally attend an all-night flamenco festival. I know, I know  – it probably seems like all I … Continue reading

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Bone Quiz 10

Andalucía is known for many things: its abundant tapas, its undulating hills blanketed in olive groves, and its inhabitants impassioned tendency to “comer sus palabras” or “eat their words” by condensing the Spanish language in strange and beautiful ways, particularly … Continue reading

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Bone Quiz 9

I just spent the past few days in Madrid. As happy as I am in Jaén, I love visiting the capital after immersing myself in data collection for weeks at a time. Madrid is much larger and edgier than my small, sleepy … Continue reading

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Osteology Everywhere: Edición ‘Bienvenido a España’

This sculpture sits at the entrance of Madrid’s Chamartín train station. While dragging fifty-plus pounds of luggage up a nearby escalator, I was struck by its resemblance to one specific bone from the human body. Name both the element and the … Continue reading

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Alas, Poor Yorick: The Skulls of Stratford

The image of an actor holding aloft a skull is a familiar cinematic and literary trope. Theatre scholars have noted that the representation is so powerful that it often stands in as a metonymic representation of acting itself (Williamson 2011; … Continue reading

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