Survey on Publishing Decisions in Archaeology

After spending about a month back in the US I have finally returned to Cambridge. I’m hoping to spend the next two months (a) writing; (b) experiencing the extended daylight and gentle sunshine of an early English summer, and (c) finishing up data collection for a ‘met-archaeological’ project I am working on. This is where you come in—that is, if you are a self-identifying archaeologist pursuing or having earned a master’s degree or higher.

I’m conducting a survey on publishing decisions in archaeology along with my colleagues Erik Gjesfjeld (@gjesfjeld) and Stephen Chrisomalis (@schrisomalis). We are interested in how and why archaeologists decide to publish in particular academic journals.

The survey only take 5–10 minutes to complete. In completing this survey, you will be asked for demographic and professional information, as well as questions about journals that publish archaeological research and how you, and others, make decisions about which journals to publish in. Here’s a link:

If you are a reader of the blog and also an archaeologist, please consider taking it!

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