If you’re interested in anthropology, the following institutions and associations can hook you up:

1. American Association of Physical Anthropologists:

Bioarchaeologists, palaeoanthropologists, primatologists, skeletal biologists, and researchers interested broadly in human adaptation, evolution, the hominin fossil record and the behavior and history of our closest living relatives.  They publish the American Journal of Physical Anthropology and the Yearbook of Physical Anthropology. Annual meetings:

2014:  Calgary — 2015: St. Louis — 2016: Atlanta — 2017: New Orleans — 2018: Austin  2019: Cleveland


2. Society for American Archaeology:

Archaeologists of all stripes. They publish American Antiquity & Latin American Antiquity, as well as the SAA Archaeological Record. Annual Meetings:

2014: Austin — 2015: San Francisco — 2016:Orlando— 2017: Vancouver

2018: Washington D.C. — 2019: Albuquerque—2020: Austin — 2021: San Francisco

2022: Chicago


3. If you’re interested in anthropologists, read this book:

Fieldwork (2007) –  Mischa Berlinski

FieldworkSample Quote:

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 12.39.22 PM

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