Selected Publications

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Beck, Jess, Marta Díaz-Zorita Bonilla, Hervé Bocherens, and Pedro Díaz-del-Río. 2018. Feeding a third millennium BC mega-site: Bioarchaeological analyses of palaeodiet and dental disease at Marroquíes (Jaén, Spain). Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, 52: 23–43.



Díaz-Zorita Bonilla, Marta, Jess Beck, Hervé Bocherens, and Pedro Díaz-del-Río. 2018. Isotopic evidence for mobility at large scale aggregations in Copper Age Iberia. The mega-site of Marroquíes (Jaén). Antiquity, 92 (364): 991-1007.



Beck, Jess. 2017. Bioarchaeological approaches to social organization at Marroquíes (Jaén, Spain). MENGA: Journal of Andalusian Prehistory 7(8): 29-50.



Waterman, Anna, Jess Beck, Jonathan Thomas, and Rob Tykot. 2017. Stable isotope analysis of human remains from Los Millares (Almería, Spain, C. 2500-1800 BC): Regional comparisons and dietary variability. MENGA: Journal of Andalusian Prehistory 7(8): 15-27.



Kinkopf, Katherine and Jess Beck. 2016. Bioarchaeological approaches to looting: A case study from Sudan. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 10: 263-271.



open_archaeologyQuinn, Colin and Jess Beck. 2016. Essential tensions in mortuary contexts: Exploring inequality through bioarchaeology. Open Archaeology, Topical Issue in Bioarchaeology. 2:18-41.



Theoretical_Approaches_CommingledBeck, Jess. 2015. Part of the family: Age, identity and burial in Copper Age Iberia. In Theoretical Approaches to Analysis and Interpretation of Commingled Human Remains. Edited by A. Osterholtz, pp. 47-73. Springer International: Cham.



JFSBeck, Jess, Ian Ostericher, Gregory Sollish and Jason De León. 2015. Animal scavenging and scattering and the implications for documenting the deaths of undocumented border crossers in the Sonoran Desert. Journal of Forensic Sciences 60: S11-S20.


The_PomegranateBeck, Jessica and Stephen Chrisomalis. 2008. Landscape archaeology, paganism, and the interpretation of megaliths. The Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies 10(2): 142-162.

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