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Identifying the Metacarpals in Three Easy Steps

This week I have come to three important realizations. 1. I am terrible at drawing the bones of the hand. I can spend ages working feverishly on intricate drawings of articular surfaces, and the finished product still basically comes out looking … Continue reading

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Gotta hand it to you: identifying manual and pedal phalanges

At the AAPAs, the Bone Clones table was handing out free phalanx keychains, and when I received mine I had to double-check whether it was manual or pedal. This led me to review White and Folkens’ section on the phalanges, … Continue reading

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Thumbs Up: The muscles that insert on the thumb

Bernard Wood recently came to give a talk at Michigan.  While he was discussing  the utility of the concept of genus for thinking about human evolution, he mentioned something I found interesting.  Wood referenced a research project on anatomical homologies … Continue reading

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OsteoMenagerie 5: The pisiform

The pisiform is one of the smallest bones you’re likely to come across when dealing with archaeological remains (though I once found one of the auditory ossicles when excavating a commingled burial site in Portugal – that was an exciting … Continue reading

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OsteoMenagerie 4: The Capitate

Like all carpals, the capitate possesses a distinctive, irregular shape that makes it easy to identify and side. Unlike the other carpals, however, the capitate happens to look like one of the most notorious villains in cinematic history: Lord Voldemort…Just checking that … Continue reading

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In Honor of the “Super Moon” – Identifying and siding the lunate

Last week marked the arrival of the “super moon”, the rare coincidence of a full moon phase with the point in its orbit at which the lunar body is closest to the Earth. In order, no doubt, to stimulate public … Continue reading

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OsteoMenagerie 2: The Scaphoid

For this week’s edition of OsteoMenagerie, we have the scaphoid, a bone of the wrist that clearly looks like a snail. Appropriately given last week’s OsteoMenagerie, another term for the scaphoid is the navicular, because it is similarly positioned to … Continue reading

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