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Bone Quiz 21

Every human osteologist reaches a point in their life when they are forced to make a foray into zooarchaeology. My most recent brush with the world of skeletal fauna took place over the summer, when I spent a week visiting one of my friends … Continue reading

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The Bear Paw Saga: Volume II

It’s been a pretty typical week. On Monday I stopped at Target to stock up on some essentials, put together a To-Do list, and caught up on emails. I’ve been so busy because it’s spring, that beautiful time of year when the … Continue reading

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Animal Scavenging and Scattering and the Implications for Documenting the Deaths of Undocumented Border Crossers in the Sonoran Desert

A few days ago an article that I co-authored with three other researchers from the University of Michigan finally went live online.  This foray into forensic taphonomy was part of a larger project run by Jason De León called the Undocumented Migration … Continue reading

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Birthday Bones

This past weekend I took a hike in the Sierras de Jaén to celebrate my birthday, figuring that a day spent outside in the fresh air would be gentler on my liver than my usual celebratory exploits. Gasping for breath after … Continue reading

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Pop Culture Osteology: Once Upon a Time #2

Intrepid. Swashbuckling. Fearless. All adjectives that describe my tenacious approach to dissertation data collection. Oh wait, no, I’m wrong again. These are all adjectives that describe the rapscallion Captain Hook and imperturbable Emma Swan on ABC’s fairy-tale soap opera Once Upon … Continue reading

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The Bear Paw Saga: Volume I

My friend Alice’s parents live in a beautiful but isolated house in the middle of the western North Carolina hills. Their dogs, Ruby and Tucker, are free roaming, and often drag home portions of animal carcasses that they encounter during their … Continue reading

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