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The Grand Challenge of Archaeology: Getting young people to respond to a survey, apparently

While trawling the internet recently, I was directed to a post on SEAC underground, a southeastern archaeology blog jointly authored by a number of graduate students and junior faculty. One of its authors was perplexed by the results of a … Continue reading

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Teaching Tools: How to set a curve

Training in graduate student instruction covers a multitude of topics: how to encourage  an inclusive pedagogical atmosphere, how to facilitate discussions of socially controversial topics (which sadly, in this country, include the theory of evolution) and how to avoid having inappropriate … Continue reading

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How to set up a spreadsheet like a boss

When I was applying to graduate school, I wish that someone had told me that it helps to either: (a) have an extensive command of the intricacies of office software, or (b) have a close friend who is an office … Continue reading

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Hazards of Dissertation Data Collection

I’m about to enter Week 10 of data collection here in Spain, and over the past month or so I’ve started to notice some unsettling trends. I wear variations on the same two “nice-ish” outfits to the museum every day, … Continue reading

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How to “Rock” your Prelims*

I have a number of friends in grad school who are taking  prelim exams this month. Also called “comps” or “quals”, these comprehensive exams are a notorious crucible during students’ early years in the program. Depending on your department and … Continue reading

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