Osteology Everywhere: White Horse Hill, Uffington

Dragon Hill and the Uffington Chalk Horse, Oxfordshire

Dragon Hill and the Uffington Chalk Horse, Oxfordshire

Like a boss

Like a boss.

One of my friends over at Lawnchair Anthropology runs a series of posts titled Osteology Everywhere. Being the enormous osteo-nerd that I am, I’ve long admired his ability to find unappreciated glimpses of anatomy in everyday life.  While exploring the famous chalk horse at Uffington on a brief trip to Oxfordshire and Worcestshire, he pointed out a small vale bordering Dragon Hill. Depending on your bent, Dragon Hill is either a natural flat-topped mound or the location where St.George manfully slew the fearsome dragon of Christian mythology.  “Doesn’t that valley look like a _____?”, he asked. It took me a minute, but then I saw it. In the spirit of international academic cooperation, enduring lab-mate solidarity and probably because I was the one who actually took the photo, he agreed to share the post so that I could kick off my own Osteology Everywhere series.

The shape of the valley looks exactly like a...

The shape of this valley looks exactly like a…

While not quite as impressive as the massive equid etched in chalk a hilltop over, this is definitely identifiable. What bone is this? Have at it in the comments!

Image Credits: St.George and the Dragon icon found here.

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2 Responses to Osteology Everywhere: White Horse Hill, Uffington

  1. Scapulo-coracoid (of some dinosaur)?


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