Osteology Everywhere: Airport Edition

It’s spring break here in Ann Arbor (Editor’s Note: “spring” is misleading – technically this should read “intractable winter punctuated by copious amounts of unpredictable precipitation, ranging from snow to freezing rain” break). In celebration I’ve been taking this week relatively easy, mixing some exploratory data analysis for upcoming conference presentations with book chapter edits and article translations, and of course pizza and beer. In honor of the relaxed vibe of the past few days, I’m sharing an edition of Osteology Everywhere in which the connection between the image and skeletal material is so blatantly obvious that no one will have to tax their brains this week.

Flughafen WienSince Thursday is traditionally a day of “throw-backs”, the photos I’ve posted are actually from a few months back, when I spent eight hours at the Vienna International Airport, in transit between Spain and Kazakhstan. I ate Pringles, chatted with friends using the airport’s laudable free internet, read half of a book and then, walked around a corner to find this:

Phillip Plein Skull

A GIANT BEDAZZLED SKULL. I don’t know who Philipp Plein is, and I’m sure I can’t afford his clothing, but I must say, I like his style.

Bedazzled skull close up

Image Credits: Photo of Flughafen Wien found here.

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