Responses Needed for Public Archaeology and Blogging Survey!

I recently received an email from Fleur Schinning, an archaeology enthusiast pursuing a Master’s in Heritage Management at Leiden University in the Netherlands. She’s writing her thesis on the use of blogs and social media and how they contribute to the accessibility of archaeology in the Netherlands. In particular, she is examining American and British archaeology blogs in order to better understand how blogging in archaeology contributes to public archaeology.

I’m answering some questions for her as a blogger, but she’s also curious about blog readers. If you are a regular reader and have the time she’d appreciate anyone filling out the 26 question survey. It’s worth noting that most of the questions are multiple choice, and the survey shouldn’t take more than five minutes to complete.

The link to the google questionnaire is here:
And here is a pdf of all of the questions if you would like to review them before starting the survey: Schinning questionnaire for blog readers

As heartfelt thanks to you for supporting public archaeology research, I offer you this photograph of an amusing animal:


Fleur, stepping the thanks game up a notch, offers entry into a drawing to win six free issues of Archaeology magazine. So if you need more incentive to participate, look no further!

Image Credits: Grinning dog found here.

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