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Osteology Everywhere: Vitamin C Edition

Check out the meningeal grooves on this orange! They’re going a little bit haywire, but still pretty clearly visible. And who said packing your lunch was boring!? Oh right, the Onion. I need more hobbies. Image Credits: Photo of parietal … Continue reading

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Test Your Skills: Identifying Features and Siding the Parietals

Last week, I posted a guide to identifying and siding the parietal bones. If you read that post and learned some new techniques, or if you simply want to test your existing cranial fragment identification skills, then have I got a bone quiz for … Continue reading

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How to identify and side parietal bones

When analyzing human bones (or taking your first osteology course), you will occasionally be presented with bags brimming with large numbers of cranial fragments that you are tasked with sorting, identifying and siding. When I took my first intensive osteology course, … Continue reading

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Microexcavation of a Prehistoric Human Cranium

This afternoon I decided to take care of a few unpleasant tasks that have been loitering at the top of my data collection to-do list for the past few weeks. First up was dealing with some sediment-encased crania that I needed to clean … Continue reading

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Palpable Anatomy: How to identify and side an isolated zygomatic process

A few weeks ago I posted  a bone quiz that some of my friends have been finding a little trickier than usual. My hints were that: (i) This feature is notable for arching laterally, and           … Continue reading

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Porotic Hyperostosis and Cribra Orbitalia

I recently found a short synopsis I’d written a few years back about the etiology of cribra orbitalia and porotic hyperostosis. I think that this was initially meant to go into my predoctoral paper, before I realized that I did not want my … Continue reading

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Nickel for your thoughts: Mortuary imagery on early 20th century “hobo nickels”

A friend of mine just sent me a link to an article on Colossal, a blog that focuses on art and visual culture. He’d been wandering the internet and found Christopher Jobson‘s post on “hobo nickels”. Hobo nickels are carved … Continue reading

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