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Osteology Everywhere: Vitamin C Edition

Check out the meningeal grooves on this orange! They’re going a little bit haywire, but still pretty clearly visible. And who said packing your lunch was boring!? Oh right, the Onion. I need more hobbies. Image Credits: Photo of parietal … Continue reading

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How to identify and side parietal bones

When analyzing human bones (or taking your first osteology course), you will occasionally be presented with bags brimming with large numbers of cranial fragments that you are tasked with sorting, identifying and siding. When I took my first intensive osteology course, … Continue reading

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Porotic Hyperostosis and Cribra Orbitalia

I recently found a short synopsis I’d written a few years back about the etiology of cribra orbitalia and porotic hyperostosis. I think that this was initially meant to go into my predoctoral paper, before I realized that I did not want my … Continue reading

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Alas, Poor Yorick: The Skulls of Stratford

The image of an actor holding aloft a skull is a familiar cinematic and literary trope. Theatre scholars have noted that the representation is so powerful that it often stands in as a metonymic representation of acting itself (Williamson 2011; … Continue reading

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OsteoMenagerie 3: The petrous portion of the temporal bone

The petrous portion of the temporal bone provides passage for the facial (VII) and vestibulocochlear (VIII) nerves, houses some of the body’s most delicate organs of hearing (including the auditory ossicles) and is one of the densest bones in the … Continue reading

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