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Osteology Everywhere: London Tube Edition

My parents visited me last week (Hi Mom!). On Sunday we struck out for London, so that they could see West End shows, eat at fancy restaurants, and attend tennis tournaments. Apparently, the near constant threat of a cycle collision … Continue reading

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Identifying and Siding the Hamate

For the most part, I am a dependably frugal human – I pack my own lunch, I live with a roommate, and the average garment in my closet is curated for at least four years. However, when it comes to osteological … Continue reading

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Palpable Anatomy: The Anatomical Snuffbox

A few weeks ago I defended my dissertation proposal. I’ve attended a number of these public defenses in the past, and they inevitably go well – graduate students present engaging and exciting new research, their peers ask pertinent questions, and … Continue reading

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Thumbs Up: The muscles that insert on the thumb

Bernard Wood recently came to give a talk at Michigan.  While he was discussing  the utility of the concept of genus for thinking about human evolution, he mentioned something I found interesting.  Wood referenced a research project on anatomical homologies … Continue reading

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