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Test Your Skills: Identifying Features and Siding the Parietals

Last week, I posted a guide to identifying and siding the parietal bones. If you read that post and learned some new techniques, or if you simply want to test your existing cranial fragment identification skills, then have I got a bone quiz for … Continue reading

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Palpable Anatomy: How to identify and side an isolated zygomatic process

A few weeks ago I posted  a bone quiz that some of my friends have been finding a little trickier than usual. My hints were that: (i) This feature is notable for arching laterally, and           … Continue reading

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OsteoMenagerie 6: Tips for Siding the Calcaneus

The calcaneus, often colloquially referred to as the ‘heel bone’, is the largest tarsal in the human foot. It preserves relatively well archaeologically speaking, appearing both in individual cemetery burials and in commingled graves. The photo below is of a … Continue reading

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