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Identifying Human Teeth: The Premolars

Folklore holds that one way to stop a vampire in its tracks is to spill a sack of grain across its path. Purportedly, the creature’s visceral obsession with counting will take hold, forcing it to crouch down and compulsively count every single grain before continuing on its way. That … Continue reading

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Bone Quiz 13

Today is a great Friday. Not only is it a tolerable 31˚C here in Jaén, but the new materials I’ve requested from the museum storage units won’t get to the museum until Monday afternoon. This means that I get to … Continue reading

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Identifying Human Teeth: Human Dentition Cheat Sheet

[Update: Eagle-eyed reader Paula M. noticed that a premolar text box was originally duplicated on the molar slide, throwing everything out of whack; this has been fixed on both the image file and pdf as of June 04, 2015. Please re-download!] … Continue reading

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