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Pop Culture Osteology: The Blacklist

I left the U.S. just before a number of the TV shows that I watch (e.g., anything that streams for free on Hulu) concluded their first seasons, meaning that I departed the country while at least three different plot lines had … Continue reading

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Bone Quiz 4

Because November is the cruelest month (torrential rains, tornado warnings, grading, deficit of Halloween candy), I’m giving you an easy one. Side me. Bonus points: Name at least two features or characteristics you can use to side this bone. Image … Continue reading

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Feeling Shafted? Tips for identifying humeral shaft fragments

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately sitting cross-legged on the floor of my office, refitting long bone shafts. This pastime  generally involves me hunching over a tray like a cranky oracle, brows furrowed, staring suspiciously at the bones … Continue reading

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