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Wolff’s Law

Ever heard the expression “use it or lose it”? That pithy phrase encapsulates Wolff’s law, an anatomical rule that describes how bone grows and changes over time. The law was developed by German surgeon Julius Wolff, whose name you will now always remember … Continue reading

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Abduction and Adduction

I always have a great time when I teach the anatomical terminology of  movement because students find it so easy to engage with the material. In my Science of Skeletons class I began experimenting with a charades-style activity that required … Continue reading

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Thor presents the anatomy of the pectoral region and the upper limb

In honor of the release of Thor: The Dark World, I give you one of my handmade study aids from ANA 7010. You’re welcome. Image Credit: Original undoctored image of shirtless Norse god found here.

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