A Travel Agency for Osteologists…

Skopje, downtown This past week I was in Skopje for a friend’s wedding. While exploring the city center (by which I mean searching out and sampling as much banichka as I could get my hands on during my limited time in the Balkans), I glanced across the street and realized I’d been planning my summer travel all wrong. Why have I been using Expedia and Booking.com when I could have been using Fibula Air Travel Agency!?

Fibula Air Travel Agency No wonder my itineraries have been so disorganized.

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3 Responses to A Travel Agency for Osteologists…

  1. Returning home after a laborious day collecting data (the most difficult of those being the siding of juvenile fibulae) I saw that bus in front of me.


    I can’t escape from bones…

    Thanks Jess Beck for reminding me to upload that!


    • JB says:

      Hahaha, well-spotted Kiriakos. Fibula Air must be cornering the market on travel in the circum-Mediterranean/Balkans region!


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