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Can you teach a wolf brain new tricks? Some thoughts on artificial selection and brain evolution in canids

A few weeks ago, I attended another Evolution and Human Adaptation lecture. The ultimate reason I went to another talk was  to expand my mind and learn about the evolution of the human brain, though as always the proximate reason I … Continue reading

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Humans: Low energy, high payoff

One of the recurring motifs in any intro-level Human Evolution class is the importance of bipedalism.  I’ve tried to teach this topic in a variety of ways, even going so far as to encourage undergrads to walk like chimpanzees – … Continue reading

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You are how you eat: cooking and human evolution

Richard Wrangham recently came and gave a talk  as part of a four-field Anthropology colloquium here at Michigan. He presented an idea that’s been gaining ground in biological anthropology in recent years – namely, that humans are adapted to consume … Continue reading

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