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SAA 2015: The Bioarchaeology of Looting

I’m typing this from the lobby of a hotel in downtown San Francisco, which has been one of the most unique cities I’ve ever visited – cars parallel parked sideways on the insanely steep streets, thick blankets of fog rolling … Continue reading

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Osteology Everywhere – Mission Edition

During my recent trip to San Francisco for an academic conference, I took advantage of the fact that my roommate is a California native. The afternoon after my poster we struck out for to Chinatown in order to unwind: and the … Continue reading

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AAPAs 2015 – St. Louis

After a whirlwind trip to Madison, I’ve landed in St. Louis for the American Association of Physical Anthropologists’ meetings. If you’re interested in visiting my poster, I’ll be presenting it at the conference tomorrow: Date: Thursday, 26 March 2015 Session: … Continue reading

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Tibial Pursuit: How to identify and side the tibia

Trials and Tib-ulations. Shin Vogue. Ti-bia Determined. Tibia or not Tibia*. I have so many tibial puns on file that it was hard to pick just one for the title of this post. And if you’re wondering, yes, you are … Continue reading

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Identifying the Metacarpals in Three Easy Steps

This week I have come to three important realizations. 1. I am terrible at drawing the bones of the hand. I can spend ages working feverishly on intricate drawings of articular surfaces, and the finished product still basically comes out looking … Continue reading

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Osteology Everywhere: Vitamin C Edition

Check out the meningeal grooves on this orange! They’re going a little bit haywire, but still pretty clearly visible. And who said packing your lunch was boring!? Oh right, the Onion. I need more hobbies. Image Credits: Photo of parietal … Continue reading

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That’s so rad: Identifying and siding the radius

[Update: Just noticed that when describing the radial features I initially swapped the locations for the styloid process (lateral) and the interosseous crest (medial) for the anterior view of the radius. This is why you don’t assemble your powerpoint slides … Continue reading

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Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Osteologists

It’s mid-December, and we’re fast approaching that magical time of year when we’re tasked with finding the perfect gifts for friends and loved ones: Kazakhstan Independence Day. No, wait, wrong country. Seeing as Christmas is only a week away, I figured I’d … Continue reading

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Dental data collection spreadsheets

I’ve just started analyzing some of my dissertation data, an arduous process that entails correcting spreadsheet errors, deleting extraneous columns, and reconfiguring the results of pivot tables. Which is not to say my data were poorly organized – overall I’m … Continue reading

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Syllabus: The Science of Skeletons – Introduction to Bioarchaeology

Last month I received some excellent news. My course proposal, which I assembled somewhat manically during the thick of data collection this past summer, was accepted by the Department of Anthropology. This means that I have the opportunity to teach a summer … Continue reading

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