• After analyzing 4,784 human teeth (~3000 of which were loose),
  • Identifying and examining 2,480 individual bones,
  • Conducting a full bioarchaeological analysis of ~100 pounds of human bone and ≥80 individuals from two necropolises at Marroquíes Bajos,

Marroquíes Altos materials

  • Screening >700 pounds of human bone and sediment for loose and articulated dentition,
  • Completing a dental analysis of ≥180 individuals from the necropolis of Marroquíes Altos,
  • Locating and scanning four site reports at the Regional Ministry of Culture,
  • Pulling samples of 113 mandible and molars for isotopic analysis and AMS radiocarbon dating,
  • spending eight months in Jaén over the course of two consecutive years,
  • and receiving a mountain of assistance from committee members, regional archaeologists, museum colleagues, and friends,

Catedral de Jaén

I am finally done with my dissertation data collection.

I think we all know what time it is.

Irreale reward

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