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Stable Isotope Analysis of Human Remains from Los Millares Cemetery (Almería, Spain, C. 3200-2200 Cal BC): Regional Comparisons and Dietary Variability

Last week I put up a post about my paper on the bioarchaeology of Marroquíes, which had recently been published in MENGA: Journal of Andalusian Prehistory. I’m also co-author on a second paper in the volume, titled Stable Isotope Analysis of Human … Continue reading

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Osteology Everywhere: Via Verde Edition

This is the view currently visible outside of my window: For a variety of reasons, I’m spending a few months in a city that is, quite appropriately, locally dubbed “The White Grave”. What with the weather and the monotonous slog that … Continue reading

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Bones & Culture: Huesitos chocolate in Spain

I’ll admit, American candy bars often have names that are slightly confounding. To my mind, the combination of peanuts and caramel has never inspired derisive amusement, a milk chocolate and nougat confection does not immediately provoke contemplation of the vast wonders of … Continue reading

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After analyzing 4,784 human teeth (~3000 of which were loose), Identifying and examining 2,480 individual bones, Conducting a full bioarchaeological analysis of ~100 pounds of human bone and ≥80 individuals from two necropolises at Marroquíes Bajos, Screening >700 pounds of human … Continue reading

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Birthday Bones

This past weekend I took a hike in the Sierras de Jaén to celebrate my birthday, figuring that a day spent outside in the fresh air would be gentler on my liver than my usual celebratory exploits. Gasping for breath after … Continue reading

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Huerta del Manco

“It’s called Huerta del Manco,” she said in Spanish. “You know what that means?” “Huerta, si.” I told her. I’d come across the word before while translating archaeological texts and it was always used to describe orchards, groves or other … Continue reading

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In early August the city is a teeming stew of people. Coastline and latitude make for a heady mix of sea air and heavy humidity, and everyone is covered in a constant sheen of  sweat. Attempting to navigate the major … Continue reading

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Trains in southern Spain are always flooded with light. The abundance of sun provides a sharp counterpoint to the blessedly cool Renfe air-conditioning. You often don’t realize how crisp the air is until you move through the train and are … Continue reading

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Osteology Everywhere: Cerveza Edition

On Friday night I took a much needed break from dissertation work. Instead of staring at my Excel spreadsheets with a furrowed brow, I went out for beer and tapas to celebrate my roommate finishing the two-day long ordeal that is … Continue reading

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Osteology Everywhere: Edición ‘Bienvenido a España’

This sculpture sits at the entrance of Madrid’s Chamartín train station. While dragging fifty-plus pounds of luggage up a nearby escalator, I was struck by its resemblance to one specific bone from the human body. Name both the element and the … Continue reading

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