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After analyzing 4,784 human teeth (~3000 of which were loose), Identifying and examining 2,480 individual bones, Conducting a full bioarchaeological analysis of ~100 pounds of human bone and ≥80 individuals from two necropolises at Marroquíes Bajos, Screening >700 pounds of human … Continue reading

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All worn out: using dental wear to estimate age

I was recently working on the methods chapter of my dissertation (I’ll pause so that you may lever your jaw up off of the floor – “JB? Working? On her dissertation?”) when I stumbled upon a fantastic old school anthropology quote … Continue reading

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Photographic analysis of a Shabe Yoruba burial

When you’re one of the only bioarchaeology grad students in a department with few other osteologists, almost anything involving human remains will eventually make its way across your desk. After getting back to the museum in early September, fellow graduate student Andrew Gurstelle  told … Continue reading

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Bring out your dead: navigating the ethics of displaying human remains in museums

In the past two months I’ve attended two lectures on the topic of human remains in museum collections. The talks were part of a University of Michigan lecture series titled It’s Alive! Rediscovering Institutions of Living Collections.  I found the … Continue reading

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