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Anatomy Quiz 1

It’s time to kick off the summer with a new type of quiz! I haven’t dissected in awhile, but I recently got the opportunity to whip out a scalpel and scissors again. I forgot how satisfying it is to gently tear through … Continue reading

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Palpable Anatomy: The Anatomical Snuffbox

A few weeks ago I defended my dissertation proposal. I’ve attended a number of these public defenses in the past, and they inevitably go well – graduate students present engaging and exciting new research, their peers ask pertinent questions, and … Continue reading

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Thor presents the anatomy of the pectoral region and the upper limb

In honor of the release of Thor: The Dark World, I give you one of my handmade study aids from ANA 7010. You’re welcome. Image Credit: Original undoctored image of shirtless Norse god found here.

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Palpable Anatomy: The Subclavian Artery

One of the easiest ways for me to remember the details and orientation of an anatomical feature is to locate a portion of it on my own body. I’ve found that students also respond well to this method – it’s … Continue reading

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