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Hip hip hooray: Orienting and identifying features of the os coxae

One of the ranges in my museum is decorated with a number of different osteological puns, and every time I walk past their on point door makes me jealous.  I’ve always been particularly envious of the “Hip Hip Hooray” slogan, … Continue reading

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Animal Scavenging and Scattering and the Implications for Documenting the Deaths of Undocumented Border Crossers in the Sonoran Desert

A few days ago an article that I co-authored with three other researchers from the University of Michigan finally went live online.  This foray into forensic taphonomy was part of a larger project run by Jason De León called the Undocumented Migration … Continue reading

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The Bear Paw Saga: Volume I

My friend Alice’s parents live in a beautiful but isolated house in the middle of the western North Carolina hills. Their dogs, Ruby and Tucker, are free roaming, and often drag home portions of animal carcasses that they encounter during their … Continue reading

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Sussing out site taphonomy: Understanding formation processes in the Sonoran Desert

Last year I got wind of an exciting project that was being undertaken at the University of Michigan. Jason De León, an anthropologist and professor in my department, was looking for a faunal analyst to examine some bones for him. This … Continue reading

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National Museum of Health and Medicine Forensic Anthropology Short Course

In Summer 2011 I was fortunate enough to attend the 25th Annual National Museum of Health and Medicine Forensic Anthropology Course. One of my lab mates had taken a previous instantiation of the course when it was still under the … Continue reading

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